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Reservoir Simulation Software for the Natural Gas Industry

Fairchild and Associates are fully competent in reservoir simulation modeling and has experience with a variety of software packages. The company has proprietary software, SIM.GALIS. Other software packages can be licensed if preferred by the client. The software available in-house is described below.

SIM.GALIS --- A fully coupled gas reservoir and gas transmission network simulator
SIM.GALIS can be used for evaluating underground gas storage reservoirs. The features of relative permeability and capillary pressure hysteresis and the many alternative descriptions of aquifers make the system applicable to aquifer storage fields. All types of storage applications can utilize the prediction features of the simulator which set a target rate schedule to see how long the storage field can perform up to projected requirements.

The model can be used for storage applications where the surface pipeline network is coupled with the reservoir such that the entire reservoir pipeline system is analyzed simultaneously. This system helps identify bottlenecks in the reservoir, well completion, well tubing or surface piping.

SIM.GALIS is a coupled system that combines a gaswater reservoir simulator with a gas transmission network simulator. A simulation of total system consisting of a reservoir, well flow string, pipelines and compressors ensures compatibility of pressures and rates between the reservoir and the pipeline system. It can also be beneficially applied when two or more reservoirs are coupled to a common transmission system. The software can be used in a decoupled mode to simulate only the transmission system or the reservoir behavior.

Two-Phase Reservoir Simulator
SIM.GALIS basically simulates simultaneous flow of gas and water in a reservoir with arbitrary located production and injection wells and predicts the behavior of reservoir in terms of pressure, saturation, water cut or water

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