Fairchild environmental services personnel and associates offer experience in all phases of injection well services. This includes permit preparation, subsurface geological evaluation, reservoir engineering, and expert witness testimony. In addition, Fairchild's environmental group provides well design and field supervision for complete project management. Fairchild's environmental staff has experience with all types of injection wells, including Class I, hazardous and non-hazardous industrial injection wells, and Class II, petroleum related injection wells.
Fairchild environmental services personnel routinely review regulatory publications to keep current with the rapidly changing field of environmental regulatory affairs. Our staff communicates with personnel at State and Federal regulatory agencies to provide guidance, regulatory interpretation, industry applicability and specific client problem resolution.
Fairchild environmental personnel have prepared and obtained approval for numerous injection well permits in Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Our group has prepared and submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) nine petitions for exemption from the land disposal restrictions. Eight of these have been approved by the USEPA and one is currently under review. Three petitions for exemption have also been prepared and submitted in response to the Louisiana land disposal restriction requirements. Preparation of a petition typically includes detailed subsurface geological mapping and reservoir computer simulation of waste movement using the SWIFT code. In the continuing effort to provide services for our clients changing needs, we have obtained approval on four modifications to existing petitions to include newly listed waste codes or to change previously modeled wastestream parameters.
Fairchild's environmental group is experienced in providing an assessment of waste compatibility with subsurface formations. Waste evaluation can also be performed to determine the classification status with the regulatory framework for waste disposal. We also provide our clients with appropriate waste management alternatives and recommendations.
Fairchild's environmental group is experienced in the performance and analysis of annual mechanical integrity testing, and ambient monitoring requirements (pressure falloff testing). Fairchild and Associates are experienced in the use of state-of-the-art computerized well test analysis techniques.

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